19-Jun-2018Arlington, VA(21 miles)Items Wanted
Hi I am seeking a barrel to use as a planter. It has 2 black belt like things around it like a wisky barrel. Looking to use it as a planter for an arrangement of annuals I need to plant yesterday. Thank you in advance, Debra
19-Jun-2018Arlington, VA(21 miles)Items Wanted
I've decided to rekindle my passion for drawing/art. I still have a set of charcoal pastels from 1966. Looking to collect some drawing pencils with different hard/soft graphite. Thanks for freecycling. Mary
19-Jun-2018Arlington, VA(21 miles)Items Wanted
any workable condition 1 or 2.
19-Jun-2018Arlington, VA(21 miles)Items Wanted
about a wheelbarrow of decent (not rocky) soil for low area in garden
19-Jun-2018Arlington, VA(21 miles)Items Wanted
I would LOVE to find an old stamp vending machine! You know the ones - you put change in, pull the lever, and out pops a stamp or 2 in a little cardboard-ish cover. I know this is a long shot, but if anyone has one in their attic gathering dust, I would really like it and promise to take care of it and put it to great use!! Thanks.
19-Jun-2018Washington, DC(20 miles)Items Wanted
We are getting married in less than 3 weeks and are looking for a couple items we do not have yet. Table linens 90x132, seat cushions (any color), standing fans (we did not know the venue is not air-conditioned), drink dispensers, and anything that I may not think of :) I have gathered several items already on freecycle, and all that I got will be given away again after the wedding to someone t...
19-Jun-2018St Charles, MD(1 miles)Items Wanted
My boyfriend will be starting a scuba class this weekend and is looking for flippers and a mask. He wears size 10.5
18-Jun-2018Washington, DC(20 miles)Items Wanted
i'm looking for extra containers with lids to store bulk foods in--large or small. thanks!
18-Jun-2018Alexandria, VA(17 miles)Items Wanted
Caring for some very hungry feral cats & would love donations of dry and/or canned cat food!
18-Jun-2018St Charles, MD(1 miles)Items Wanted
Hi, I am looking for clothes for my step daughter that's moving in soon and shes coming with nothing so anything would help. Summer clothes would help a lot as well. thank you in advance.
18-Jun-2018Alexandria, VA(17 miles)Items Wanted
We have a student doing an intern who could use a bike.
18-Jun-2018Arlington, VA(21 miles)Items Wanted
We just moved into a new apartment and need to cover most of the floor. If you have any rugs available we would greatly appreciate them.
18-Jun-2018Arlington, VA(21 miles)Items Wanted
Does anyone have an umbrella stroller to offload? Hoping to use it on an upcoming international trip. Thanks!
18-Jun-2018Washington, DC(20 miles)Items Wanted
family in need of small sofa and dining room set.
18-Jun-2018Alexandria, VA(17 miles)Items Wanted
posting on behalf of mclean bible church, available thursday night to pick up 6/21 He is usually very tired and sleepy because he sleeps on the floor. It is very difficult for him to do his work here at school and often falls asleep on his desk. He and his 9 year old sister, are both in need of a bed. The family cannot afford to buy them.
18-Jun-2018Arlington, VA(21 miles)Items Wanted
My teenagers are experts at losing baseball hats. If your hat rack is overflowing, please consider passing the excess along to us! Can pick up tomorrow/Wednesday, or really anytime it's convenient. As long as it's teenager-appropriate, we're willing to wear (and then lose) your hat! Thank you!
18-Jun-2018Washington, DC(20 miles)Items Wanted
Wired or wireless Xbox 360 controllers wanted.
18-Jun-2018Washington, DC(20 miles)Items Wanted
I'm looking for a metal queen size bed frame. Please let me know if you have one! Thank you!
17-Jun-2018St Charles, MD(1 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for a pool ladder for a 48" above ground pool.
17-Jun-2018Washington, DC(20 miles)Items Wanted
Looking to paint a room divider and need paint brushes to get the job done.
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