I'm collecting wine corks, beads, recyclable items, cardboard, marbles, cans, jugs, etc. Any thing that My 3 year olds and I can use in the classroom to create something new and or sort with.
my dad had a stroke. he needs temporarily a motorized chair to hold approximately 240 LB to get around until he recuperates to get around on his own.
I am looking for a dish drying rack set w/mat and silverware caddy. I can pick up soonest. Contact: miltenberger53@gmail.com
I m looking for 2 Adirondack chairs. I don t care the color or condition as I will sand and repaint them. Let me know if you have 2 you are willing to part with! Thanks!
My son needs a jacket/sweater/hoodie/coat, etc. for those Fall/Spring days when it's a little chilly but a winter coat isn't needed. Size 5t/5. I'd prefer a zip-up with a cotton/soft interior.
Need some clean jars for sauerkraut making, condition of lids doesn't matter.
Wanted for my daughter, please. Thanks in advance!
Going down to no to help muck out houses. Looking for an old workboots. If anyone has a pair, please let me know.
I m looking for one of the inexpensive (flimsy) plastic baby pools (the hard plastic type, not an inflatable one) to use for a Halloween costume. Something between 3 and 4 in diameter would be great.
Looking for a walker with brakes and seat for upcoming surgery. Thanks in advance. :)
I am new to the area and am searching for a full-size bed frame. If you have one you'd like to get rid of I'd love to come take it off your hands for you!
Recently began wearing readers, looking for a soft case to keep them in. Not to e picky, but no florals, I am a male!
I just moved here from California and I am looking for some items for my bedroom. If you have either or both, I would love to pick them up. Thank you so much!
The condition of the lids doesn't matter, just need the jars. thanks!
Hi! I'm looking for 4 dining room chairs, preferably all of them are of the same make and model. Thanks!
Sudden Mattress Death Syndrome is not a well known condition but my family seems to have contracted it. :) :) Looking for Queens and Fulls Would rather recycle than purchase. THanks in advance. -Robert
I'm a genealogist in need of a Black's Law Dictionary. When reading old probate records, inferior court minutes, deeds, and orphan's court proceedings, I come across terms that I need to look up. I will take your well-used, out-of-date, seen-better-days edition of Black's Law Dictionary and love it as I explore musty courthouse basements and vaults. Yes, seriously, the older the better.
I am in search of an office chair for my desk. Any kind is fine!
Looking for a used, but working Cricut machine to support my handmade Etsy shop. Thank you!
Hi, I am trying to organize my home and I could really use containers, baskets, boxes, ect. Containers that wouldn't look horrible storing/hiding clutter in plain sight. Or for use in pantry or washroom storage. Please send pictures and we can arrange a good time for me to pick up.
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